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Back in Vanuatu…for the last time as a Missionary

Sunday May 26th, 2013

Mom, I am now in Vanuatu, and have to finish the remaining week here.  Having been pulled out of my area, I am unsure of what to do really, until I leave. I follow the AP’s again, and just assist and teach for the last week in the area of Mele:) Oh what fun to be in Mele again!  First p-day again, and well last p-day haha.  Here we go, the summary to the ending ,or the beginning of the end for this old cowboy at least… I feel as if I’ve been up the creek without a paddle and back again:)

The plan in my mind, is to get these last lessons in and see the people I love here for the last time, before I see all of the people on the other side of the world that I love:) and then I will get the plans set for the rescue swimmer program in those next three months and have it settled with my schooling and then have a foundation for the future….All the workings of a mixed up missionary brain…desiring to serve with all I am and having a short amount of time to do so…


One Response to Back in Vanuatu…for the last time as a Missionary

  • Flo Spruance says:

    Can’t wait to hear your homecoming. Congratulations on a wonderful mission.