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The Laborer is Worthy of Hire

Sunday May 5th, 2013

So, this week had a really good fast and testimony meeting. We didn’t get to teach all that many lessons, however, it’s not about quantity but rather quality. When the time for sacrament came we saw that our labors were not fruitless, we had our success and it was the best to see all of the five people that we invited come into sacrament meeting and see the members bear testament to the message we continuously share night and day with our thoughts words and actions.

Thomas may have been bothered by the kids all running around but when I got up to share my testimony, I felt as if the place went quiet and the room was fuller than full… I got a little afraid of the crowd at that moment but went on and shared the testimony that was in me…went on to thank Thomas for being the good companion he had been and how he had helped me in these my last days…In turn, he got up and also shared a testimony to be remembered, and I felt throughout this time it may have been a special witness for me that indeed, the lord had chosen us as companions for a reason and that I may leave the area in a couple of weeks but the effects of the work Thomas and I have accomplished will go on, and that means more than a hundred baptisms ….

The laborer is worthy of hire, has been a thought I have been thinking about and looking back on the mission. I feel as if I am worthy of hire, but these last days are just as important as the first… It’s kind of like swimming a 500 meter race in the pool, they keep a lap counter to keep track of the individuals efforts and the countdown starts at 20 and slowly works its way down in twos; but up until this point I have only been on the first lap and now the important part starts where the race and the challenge begins; where they actually start counting down the lap counter….there really is only 20 days before I leave Solomon and there’s  conference in there and a couple district meetings….


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