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We all have our part

Sunday April 21, 2013

So, I won the battle with the dengue fever this week by Thursday, and we managed to get in some lessons and teaching opportunities.  It’s one of the greatest things to be a missionary, even if I only have about 6 weeks left, and only about four weeks in Solomon where I can still focus on those the Lord would have me teach and prepare for the latter Elder’s who come behind.

My companion and I had a great talk the other night and it is a difference of perspective in that he sees the mission as a duty or a service he is required to do and I have tried to live it as an opportunity.  It changes the world with the perspective or the way we look at things.  His perspective alters his ability to see the rules and white handbook as grudgingly kept rules, and  I see them as merely the correctional guidelines in having success in the mission field  It’s not like he has to give up much, in retrospect he earns and qualifies  for so much more that it’s not even comparable…If only I could stay a bit longer…But everyone has their time.

Wow Ben’s engaged and so is Wesley…if Sam or Josh is too, I would just be astonished ahaha.  I promise not to be engaged for a while Mom and Dad,  I will go to school and try to make something of myself and get on the rescue swimmer program first before all of that stuff.

This week it was general conference, and I was super bummed out at conference with the amount of people that were unable to attend.  It was a little heart breaking,  but I will get over it and move on to the next week. We have only watched two sessions so far, and are planning to watch all the others on a different day, but as of now, we have only watched the Saturday and Sunday session…they were great talks on obedience and peace in the home…there was even one about marriage.  I think that was for Ben and Wesley haha, Pumba and I are still in the dog house for a while longer :)

This week’s experience has been the spiritual confirmation that we all have our part to play in the lord’s plan. I will be remaining with Thomas until the end, and we will be able to work together and do what the Lord would have us do. We had arranged for the whole district this week to pray for an investigator and have him in our prayers continually to enable him to quit smoking…In answer to our prayers, the guy’s sister showed up, and has been a constant helper in the non-smoking ring:) Even though she does beetle nut and her mouth is red every time we meet her, she is against smoking hahaaha!  The lord works in mysterious ways, I’ll have you know :)

Any ways here’s looking at you guys. :) No worry about the small things in life!

love you all,

Elder Potrie

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