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Dengue Fever

Sunday April 14, 2013

This week I contracted the Dengue Fever and have to spend the next week in the house, so that isn’t the best, but I pushed through this week, and we had a pretty successful week and taught the most lessons this area has ever seen.

We also had a few experiences with our investigators being drunk when we showed up for appointments but it was kind of a wakeup call to them…”Oh, hello missionaries I didn’t see you there…haha.”  They made sure not to be drunk when we came again. :) It allowed for some  good talks with them;  word of wisdom problems are probably the most challenging out of any other commitment here in the Solomon Islands.  They all can commit to baptism and Sabbath day and even the law of chastity but beetle nut and drinking and smoking is more than a habit for these people, it’s what they do. They take some friend go to the beetle nut stand and talk or “stori” it’s just a way to pass the time of  day or their life away. It takes a big change in one’s life to actually continue to keep the word of wisdom because many of them started smoking from the age of 5 or so and then to ask them to stop is real hard but the workings of the spirit and the free agency of individuals is important. We can never convert the smoker or beetle nut attic but through the spirit, priesthood blessings and the faith of the investigator we see the miracles.

One of my favorite families right now is this pair of twin moms. Both of their husbands left them but they have at least 5 or more kids that we teach. They are the best at asking questions and are really interested in what we have to share with them every time we visit.  They seem to ask all the right questions and when they actually read the Book of Mormon they are super prepared for the lesson. They should’ve come to church last Sunday, but there was a crazy rain storm and even the members almost didn’t come, plus there was a mix up with conference this week. Conference got canceled and postponed to next week and all the Elders in the branch ended up giving talks, I spoke about Captain Namaan and if the Lord asks us to do things that seem beneath us or things we can’t comprehend, it tests our diligence, and our obedience to the Lord…everyone said it was a good talk but I kind of rushed preparing it, as I only knew about it a couple hours before. :)

But, so far so good, I will let you know about the continued fight with the Dengue next week.  As to the money, I have the $300 that I took out that one time, so I have some cash to help me get back, and as to off campus housing just do a nice apartment place that I don’t have to walk too far to school haha I did like the dorms because it was close to the pool and school but the room was a bit worse than all the missionaries apartments here in Vanuatu haha as to the song I’ll think about it….


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