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Sunday April 7, 2013

Wow, Sammy my boy  :)  is home, that’s crazy!!  He looks super French, and super sophisticated, but hey, I wonder if I truly look like the bushman or the black man everyone says I have become. Along with all of my well learned eating skills; get the food in your mouth and down your throat haha!! Oh what a contrast to the French, or even serving State side…

This week we scheduled our first baptismal date for the fourth of May!!!! Yeah, so proud and we even had three investigators come to church and more said they would come with the opening of the new chapel in White River next week! Now that is what I’m talking about!! Hurray! That is also when the road show is going to hit the stage, next Saturday or Sunday my youth will perform. :)  They are jazzed haha. Tons of them just like to see me give examples of how to act or do the drama, while others are really into it haha. My companion has decided he sounds like Josh Groban this week and has been singing “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” like every night haha.

This week we had a bit of a dispute, I corrected him on some doctrine and he got really upset and didn’t want to proselyte or anything, he wouldn’t even talk to me ….for hours man.  I called the district leader just to let him know we had sat around all day and he took initiative, upon my request, to bring one of my companions brother in laws  over, who is also currently serving in Solomon to talk with him and find out what the deal was. Apparently he just was upset, and said he was about to boil over. I have no idea, but it was alright after they left, he started talking to me again and finally we got things worked out.  I’m starting to realize exactly why I was sent here rather than anywhere else in the mission. At first I thought it was to the area of zeros, so I could change that around, but here I am correcting or training in a different aspect. I seem to be teaching the learned and less humble, and in the same way it takes a heck of a lot of patience and humility to do this.  I am trying my best.  It’s not exactly how I saw myself ending my mission. This is probably the hardest situation, but it’s what I have, and even though the area is now running at full speed, we’re taking a hit with the  companionship things going on… So here goes the Potrie talking skills to the test for the last months of the mission. If I can just hold out until the end…I know the Lord has a plan for each of us.  I just hope I can fulfill my purpose here and now so it can benefit those who come after me.  If I can be anything for those who follow, I would want it to be a help rather than a hindrance….but all is well in the mission, and in the missionary. Nothing can shake that, the world may shake around the individual but this Missionary will not quake or shake, he will hold the faith for as long as he lives. :) I hope all is well on the family end.  If you see any of the boys, let them know that June is the date, and by the way, I leave Solomon on May 26th to go back to Vanuatu and then stop in Vila for a couple days to prepare things for the round trip home….



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