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Sprint to the End

Tuesday April 2, 2013

Man, this week I find myself repeating the phrase “keep the faith” more and more as the area progresses.  It’s different to see the effectiveness of my companion….Its’ a little bit like when we’re doing the most good he’s the most slack, but on the days where I’m dying, he’s just waiting and ready to go where ever I lead….What a great support system– one pulls when the other drags haha.  Put your shoulder to the wheel  :)

Wow pretty crazy to hear that the gang is all coming back. Now Kyle, Ben, Kevin, Josh, Stuart and Sam will all be home before me and I will be joining the party there shortly, but there is a time and season for everything haha.

Here, I am getting ready for yet another road show performance with the youth here in the White River branch.  This time creating a whole new drama and teaching them a little dance as well haha.  Oh it’s great to see them try and white man dance J However, we do the best we can with what we have.  It’s also how the lord views us as one man’s treasure…If anything, the mission has been an eternal pursuit for that treasure, the pearl of great price, and when we the missionaries have found it, give all we have to it so it ensnares the senses and drives us to be our very best. We may never convert a single soul but we must always remember that we ourselves count as the Lord’s treasure if we but remain faithful to the end.

We have definitely had the uphill climb and it’s been a blessing to see the rise rather than the fall haha.  I do feel with April here, the time is even shorter that I have to stay focused and sprint the last weeks with the remaining power and testimony that I have. :)  I have had experiences throughout my mission that I wish I could write every one of them down, but it’s like Nephi and other prophets have said, the lord makes us very capable with the spirit but in writing he can’t really fill our mouths with that same spirit that fills a room upon committing someone to baptism or having them receive a witness of the truth of the messages we share….things we take for granted….things I hope to carry with me throughout the rest of my life, a man forever changed…..


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