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Feeling a little “Green” all over again

Sunday March 24th, 2013

Well, I am, and always have  been outspoken and friendly.  Charissa was the ever spiritual and more talented out of the two of us.  While I bounded in and out of chaos, she breezed by on well organized and orchestrated plans; if anything she will be the Ammon of the family :) I have supreme confidence in her:)  I was always the quick start, and would try my best to follow through and when the Lord worked his miracles, he gave me the benefit of the doubt to work things out on my own.

So here in the Solomons we lay the firm foundation for the future, and hope that what we do now still stands in the years to come. Having no knowledge of the previous circumstances of the church we focus on the future, and the seeds that we can plant and those that will have the opportunity to harvest them.  I have a few prospective investigators and families that love the missionaries here and will hopefully accept the invitation to be baptized but I have the feeling that I was called here to prepare rather than baptize; it would be nice to finish with some more baptisms, however it’s not about the number of those baptized while in the service. I believe it is more a personal experience between myself and Heavenly Father that I share with others as their life comes in contact with my own and they come to know some the truths that we as latter day saints hold dear…I feel as the disciples of Christ, going into uncharted waters and being on the edge of something much bigger than myself and that is why we as missionaries strive to progress, strive to carry on and keep the faith…Sometimes it weighs on me that I have so little time to set goals and do things that I can see accomplished, however, I will try to help Thomas know the plans and ultimate vision I have for this new born area which has really taken wings here under a little prompting and a little pushing.

We taught 9 lessons last week and we had the opportunity of teaching 18 this week with a whole lot of new investigators, so basically the area that had been zeros for the last transfer isn’t a bad area. The people want to know the message we share, it is the fear of being accepted or rejected that sometimes held the missionaries at bay, however, fearing not,  I’m learning and teaching in the ways of Solomon and although pidgin is different it’s a great place. We have half of the area on the outer edges of town and the upper half of our area is on a big hill which definitely brings forth the sweat as you climb to the tippy top to see the people there:) Believe me the sun is really hot haha and I carry a little hand towel to wipe my face often haha.  But I have the feeling I will be very black haha and this is the rainy season! Haha

So here we go, the last two firey months of the mission of trials and most of all the joy in the labor:) This past week I had one of those embarrassing incidents of the “like greenie” experience as white people are a big attraction here haha.  Watch out for the girls, even the old catholic ladies haha which wash your feet …. It was a little awkward, I just wanted my sandals clean from the mud and she got a bottle of water and washed them for me! I tried telling her to stop but nope she went ahead….so awkward being white haha.  Man, here I thought I was finally becoming one of the ni-vans and bam, now a white guy again living the black life haha . But there are so many experiences here that really just blow your mind.  This week we found out one of our contacts that we went to go back and check on, she had a death in the family, but what really got me was that at the time of contacting her I reached to give her a restoration pamphlet and then switched at the last moment and gave her a copy of the plan of salvation …we came back to check on her, and she was off to the funeral. She came back the other day and scheduled an appointment for Tuesday….wow just weird stuff like that. haha

Mission huh?


One Response to Feeling a little “Green” all over again

  • Thank you brother Potrie, for being our advocate, I know that so many others in our ward have true love in our hearts for you and as we talk to Heavenly Father and ask him to protect you that he hears our prayers. God speed brother Potrie