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Breaking Ground in the Solomon Islands

Sunday March 17, 2013

So I have had a heck of a week, and the area of complete zeros had some numbers this week.  What a surprise! It’s a whole lot different here, the missionaries just talk with people and continue to talk with them until they feel they really are friends and then they just ask them if they can teach them the gospel.  So what I did this week, was go to every one of those friends, and I taught them the basic truths of the restored gospel.  There wasn’t one time that I did not receive an invitation to come back and share more….my companion Elder Thomas is from Vanuatu and is a little home sick, he doesn’t like the food here and doesn’t like having days where we don’t teach lessons. So I can handle the lesson part, but he is afraid to contact a person here in Solomon…haha.  He doesn’t care who I contact, he’ll follow my lead but he won’t make the first move.  As much as I try to push him out of his bubble and put him in front to contact he’s not up for it. haha But he wants so much to be finished with his time here.

I see a big change in him and in his missionary work and teaching; he obviously has changed here in Solomon and I think for the best:) He’s sure that he will not be my last companion he says that he only has until May until he goes back but that can’t be, because I only have until the end of May, so he’ll have to go on in this area or they  will have to transfer him in April and give me a new one…but I just don’t know…we’ll see what the lord has in mind.

The rove area has potential, like people stop us on the road and ask questions and such, but as for members and recent  converts that’s a big zero here, and church is a long ways away so it’s hard to invite people to come to church when their previous church is so close. But hey, we go on our own breaking the bush here in Solomon so others can benefit from the ground work we lay. It’s the stones on the bottom them get tread on the most ….that’s why we walk so much. J My body has dropped haha but it’ll be good to come home skinny and then just build up some good swimming muscle :) but we’ll see the months go on, and like Sam said,” it’s crazy how little time I have left”. I  just hope I can do what I can for the next generation and they are glad that we laid the foundation for them…I try as I might to influence those here in the time I have, to see that I can do all I can and reach everyone that the lord has prepared for me …a scripture in 2 Nifae (2 Nephi) states that he preached the gospel in such dire circumstances  so that he would not have their blood upon his hands, that he would stand blameless at the last day…as do I…at the tops of the mountains I call, at the bases I climb until every road has been tread, every door opened to the gospel, and every heart touched to its depths…. I alone can’t fulfill this, but I will strive to do all I can…this is the last time the lord will see this missionary sent forth in his last months of service… keep the faith:) love you all



One Response to Breaking Ground in the Solomon Islands

  • Karen Beagles says:

    Dear Elder Potrie, My daughter has her mission call to the Vanuatu Port Vila Mission, she leaves May 29 2013 and has been called to serve as the mission nurse! We just happened to stumble on your blog and it has been wonderful to read your letters and feel your faith and strength. I know she will have a similar and wonderful experience as you have! Thank you so much for sharing this and thanks to your family members who maintained this blog for your letters! So nice to read them! Sincerely, Karen Beagles