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From the Solomon Islands

Sunday September 23, 2012

This week I’m in Solomon, and it was very hot and the work is very different, as well as the people. This makes a big difference on the very young church here in Solo with only 4 missionaries, but it’s alright, they work hard. I took a bunch of pictures. I was also offered a woman  house, along with anything else I wanted if I would stay in Solo after my mission. This offer came from a very old, less active member who  we went and taught.  I told him I’d have to think about it and get back to him.  LOL

 Then there was the Kitibus woman who we taught about the law of chastity. May have taken it a little too seriously, they have a tatoo custom in Kitibus where they tatoo everywhere.  To say the least I now know the custom of Kitibus and sure am glad she’s been keeping the art gallery to herself; as in keep in the law of chastity…awkard..LOL  That was just some of the great experiences of the Solomon Islands.  I was also asked to give several talks and so forth for the members and got to see a lot of the island and speak the language, which is like a very broken English, not even a pidgin at all. I think the white people spoiled it LOL :) It’s weird to refer to myself as a white guy anymore lol but I’ll be send back pictures sometime soon again and I’ll have to update the journal on this adventure.

 I also met a woman boxer who weighed the same as me. I told her I bet Kali Kukabus she wanted to go a few rounds with me; I had to  sweet talk my way out of that one twice because she came to church. lol Any ways this is the best work ever! :) Hope you all are having the best time of your lives as well. Sorry this update is short, but here in Solomon, it’s costly for everything, and we paid everything for the Elders this week; as in bus fare and food, and anything for the house, so I’m broke. LOL  



One Response to From the Solomon Islands

  • David Judge says:

    Hi Elder Potrie, I came accross your site by chance when looking for the mission address. My Son Elder Judge is coming your way next week – I’m Very glad that he will have such a fine group of elders as his peers – Keep up the good work.